Dispatches from the Empire

Exclusive: OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say

Researchers consider math to be a frontier of generative AI development. Currently, generative AI is good at writing and language translation by statistically predicting the next word, and answers to the same question can vary widely. But conquering the ability to do math — where there is only one right answer — implies AI would have greater reasoning capabilities resembling human intelligence. This could be applied to novel scientific research, for instance, AI researchers believe.

Unlike a calculator that can solve a limited number of operations, AGI can generalize, learn and comprehend.

I really, really, really hope my fears about AI are unfounded.

But we will build it. Humans never don’t build something because it might be dangerous. Nuclear weapons, gain-of function viral research… AI isn’t any different.

But how can we stop it from happening? We can’t prohibit everyone everywhere from building it. It’s inevitable.

I’m a doomer. I’ve long believed that humans will fuck up what we already have because we can’t learn to be content with it. We will do anything other than the hard work of learning to be content with life, to accept that misery and death are parts of it.

That’s all this is, right? Our abiding fear of death being made manifest?

Ironic, then, if it’s our inability to reconcile with death that causes our extinction.