Dispatches from the Empire

A three state solution is the only option

I arrive at this conclusion by looking at the current situation and applying three basic principles:

  1. Large-scale ethnic cleansing will be minimized.
  2. Israelis and Palestinians will not want to share a state.
  3. Non-contiguous states aren’t viable.

A good place to start.

Thus, a two-state solution is really off the table, and always has been — not because of Israel’s actions or Palestinian irredentism, but simply because it’s not practically possible for Gaza and the West Bank to stay united.

This can’t be overstated.

I have many thoughts and many more feelings on the events of the last two days. I’ve long been interested in the Middle East and in Israel-Palestine in particular. I have friends on both sides of that border.

But it hardly seems worthwhile to wade into the morass at the moment. For now, here’s a photo I took a few years back — a view of the Gaza-Israel border.